Wednesday, April 15, 2009

as if i didn't know..


that life's too short to be dealing with a mixed warp of cotton and linen!But i didn't- or so i thought- have any 16/1 linen in white.That's what happens when you're deep into SABLE, the inspired term coined by Laura Fry and meaning stash acquisition beyond life expectancy. Note to myself-must do something about this asap.
Found not only one but two cones and went on to the warping board singing a little ditty.

Warp went on the loom and started with the boring part, weaving the heading and checking for mistakes.begining No mistakes glory be! Hey wait, this is too narrow for a table runner!! How come after all the counting, adding, dividing and doing all sorts of caballistic numbers? As if i didn't know that's why i studied literature and not astronomy.
i can't believe calculating the size of the universe and being off by a trillion solar systems, wiping out entire civilizations because of miscalculations or a transposition of a decimal point, something i have lots of experience with.

Anyway i'm off by 12 cms. And i thought this was the boring part. i'll have to make another chain
sley and thread it. But i'm not going to tie it to the back beam,that's too much. i'll tie it to cleaning product jug full of water and suspend it from a rig yet to be invented .And i'm alrady exhausted just thinking about it. Will have to wait until Friday as tomorrow i have Japanese class.....

neki desu

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Funny, funny girl! Lol.
    I can see it now 100's of life forms jumping up & down on their uncounted planets yelling in their own toungue, 'what about us?!' he he.

  2. you know this is just fabulous to watch. whatever happens.


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