Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some beauties


'NUFF!! i've been spending too much time on line lately with the shop fronts and that has kept me from doing things that are much more satisfying.i've kept this on the back burner too long and today's the day.A table runner with an unbleached 20/2 cotton and linen warp. The linen will be chained in a fibonacci sequence with a 6 cotton end separation.i envision a lovely progression from unbleached linen to gold to brown mirrored in the middle. The linen is Bockens 16/2 and was bought in Helsinki last summer. The unbleached cotton is from Lunatic Fringe picked up during a visit to my sister in Florida.
The wefts... we're talking beauty here.
Take a look at the gorgeous Haitian cotton. At the risk of sounding like a travel guide i t was bought in situ during a trip to the island.i hoarded back 5 or 6 huge kilo skeins through customs under puzzled looks from the officials. Those were the days!

This yarn was very popular in the late 70s for upholstery. It presents some inconveniences as veg matter has not been totally removed and it can color the resulting fabric. But i don't care. Wabi-sabi here, the beauty of imperfect things :)
The yarn is very loosely spun with very tightly twisted parts resulting in curls and flocks and kinks. An autumn color tow linen will blend the warps together.
The sett will be pretty open something like 8 ends x take advantage of the yarn texture.
But we shall see if it works as soon as i start weaving. As the late Ed Franquemont used to say "weaving is more like jazz than brain surgery"

neki desu
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  1. mmmmm. weaving with linen. i always have trouble keeping the tension right. it has so little "give" compared to cotton.

  2. I love the quote... not even written measures, but jammin' jazz! I love the colors, and I LOVE linen! The last piece I wove (gotta get a pic up... ) was a cotton linen combo too.


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