Wednesday, April 01, 2009

fun, funner, funnest

a funner
The last lap of the never ending brown and black silk warp has turned into a funner. Straight draw on 24 shafts 2 ends x dent for a 24 ends x cm density.There's a lot of leeway here. What i did. Following the discussion at Weaverly i wanted to try the damask preset.Designed a curve 24 pixels wide with the P program and distorted it. Saved it as bitmap and then took it to Fiberworks.
Opened in sketchpad and copied to liftplan then repeat advance. After i had a nice advancing repeat i just threw ( like this as it conjures images of Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer's apprentice in Fantasia) the stuctures on the graphic image on the liftplan and dedicated part of the afternoon to weaving fun.
This is my quick and dirty take from The Woven Pixel. i can hear Alice from here grinding her teeth :)

another view Don't do as i do do as she says.
Also grateful to Suika for the inspired photo angle at the top.

neki desu

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  1. Actually, I suspect Alice isn't grinding her teeth, but rather cheering you on! Nice design!

  2. gorgeous! so glad to see some weaving here.

  3. Not grinding my teeth. Wishing I could see you "throwing" a weave structure; that must be a first! Really beautiful fabric. Cheers!!!

  4. that wavy thing?? Is COMPLETELY gorgeous! I have no idea what the tech talk means, but I purely love the results!


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