Thursday, February 05, 2009

is it a sledge hammer?is it a plane?

a bit of zen

No, it's obasan on steroids!i can officially announce that two works of my Strata series were accepted to the HGA Small Expressions exhibit. It was my work for last year and as i intended to submit it to HGA and the Hungary triennial i had to keep the lid shut.
Needless to say i'm thrilled and it's the second good news exhibit wise of the year. Perhaps i'm on a roll. Now i'm waiting to see if i get accepted to Hungary.Then i'll post some photos here.

A wish though.
i thought the juried work at Cyber Fiber was great and i wrote about it to Susan. The juror took time explaining her choices, something unfortunately infrequent, and i think it was positive feedback for all.
i find it very useful to know the reasons behind an acceptance or a rejection because i see exhibits as having to do more with learning experiences than ego stroking.
My hopes and wishes lie in that a precedent has been established and a trend will follow.

Turning a corner now this is a zen like piece i worked sidetracking from the lace series which is very intense.
Stitching and some puff paint. Oh and some iridescent paint too. As always the Flickr photo in the site has a few explanatory notes.
Can you see i feel elated ?

neki desu

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  1. Hey, congratulations!! Great work. I'll hope along with you that Hungary is a go. Cheers - Sandra

  2. Congratulations! and I keep fingers crossed for the next one!

  3. well done !! hope this is the start of good things to come (cyber fibre 2 could in interest, don't you think? )

  4. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Congratulations, Neki! I'm so pleased with this good news. And excited that you'll be able to post photos soon.

    Best wishes for similar results in Hungary,

  5. Congratulations on HGA ,and I agree with you about the juror it is so useful to know why they picked a certain item.

  6. Nice! Congratulations!!

  7. congratulations. yay!
    your comment about explanation. so true as i feel story is the greatest learning gift...ego stroking is better accompanied with substance.

  8. Wow, congratulations! That is exciting. Well done!


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