Saturday, December 13, 2008

a well warped loom


We all concur that the sight of a well warped loom takes a weaver to the heights.
Here's my contribution to levitation and defiance of gravity. A simple double weave in fashion no-no black and brown!

And here you have the the nuts and bolts of it. No big deal.
Now if i could only upload the WIF file here. Ideas anyone?

neki desu
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  1. Very nice blog.
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  2. hmmmmm, i should ask my husband, used to be a real expert on that stuff. glad to see you back in the swing and yes, nothing like it. i had to laugh at the black and brown thing. since i worked in the fashion industry as a woven designer....i know just where you are coming from.

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM

    You could try a free account at or some other file sharing service. You then upload your files to and it gives you a URL which you can include in a post. I haven't used it for real but I experimented with it on behalf of my dad and it seemed to be pretty effective.

    Love those beautifully tensioned warp threads, by the way!

  4. even a non-weaver could get a little high on that...

  5. I don't see any real need to upload a wif file for this draft. It would be very easy to manually copy this draft into software.


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