Tuesday, December 16, 2008

rusted fabric

stitching rust

May i ask how many blogs are too many? i am now a happy participant of the Calendar Girls
exchange. Better follow the link or you may end up in a site full of sights:). Those women are not real believe me.
Next year promises to be exciting textile wise. And i love the girl club thing!

And about textiles,why does blue go so well with rust? Complementary, yes i know. But there's something more that escapes me. i was trying for another less predictable colorway and ended up with good ol' blue. The cotton fabric echoes last summer and all the rust going on on my textiles and photos.
Some soothing stitches while the soup bubbled-extremely cold over here lately- and thinking about how to add some zing to another rather boring colorway, this time in weaving.

The stitched piece ended up having a vintage 50's or perhaps 60's look and feel.T here's some light metallic copper stamping but as ever metallics do not render very well. Neither do interference colors. Will have to take photo lessons. For the time being, however, here's a lot of useful info for amateurs.

neki desu

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  1. yes, what is it about those 2 colors? my high school colors were blue and gold and although i hated high school i loved to wear the colors. and rust cast makes it better. you have inspired me. to combine rust and indigo. oh yes.

  2. Another beautiful piece! And you're right about the colours. rust and blue are great together.

    Good luck with the Calendar Girl thing. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. hmmm, I don't know, but they's like purple and green. I had never heard of rust dying (i love it) until I started reading fiber blogs. I do love your piece!

  4. Beautiful piece of work.
    And I like these colours too...

  5. rust and indigo - amazing


interaction appreciated!


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