Monday, October 06, 2008

little window down the hall

little window down the hall

Believe me when i say this is an exercise in discipline. i am such a color person and working with monochromatic white is a challenge. But so far i am enjoying it.
This one is a nappy liner with zapped puff paint squiggles and heavy free motion embroidery.
The window looks inside to a small piece of white and silver lace covered with tulle so as not to let the bugs in :)

Turning a corner, the quick and short indigo vat had to be brought inside as the temperature is around 20ºC during the day. The vat is not exhausted and heating it is giving me darker color than what i got in the summer working outside in the sun. Ai-san is very finicky.
If all goes as planned the vat will be exhausted by the end of the week. Until next year.

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  1. well then, both me and the vat will be exhausted. love the white, i have to discipline my self like that one of these days.

  2. Hi, Neki, Love the white-on-white work! When you have a chance, visit my blog where you'll find a small gift. Cheers - keep up the good work! Sandra


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