Thursday, October 02, 2008

jackie dress


Remember this post?
Now see what i made from the fabric. It is such a comfortable little number it's almost worn out. The perfect summer dress, dressed up or down, cool and somewhat stylish if i may say LOL!
An interesting thing happened though. i was using a pattern generating program and did not make a sloper with my measurements, i wanted to get on with the sewing, and not spend time on the sloper.
i have always been misses 10 but, as i've put on some weight i figured i could swing it with size 12.

But, lo and behold sizes have changed. They are bigger, no, humongous!! Even size 10 was enormous, and i mean the proportions too. With the armholes almost reaching below my bust, i needed a fix, pronto. And we are not talking drugs here.
My proportions were impossible to change so i went back to my old Vogue patterns and cut and pasted a pattern together to make the dress. It ended up being a sleeveless interpretation of this.

i'm still puzzled by the sizing . i haven't done any sewing in a while and i would have thought that the change would lean towards smaller sizes, not bigger. This has proved wrong . i may extrapolate that people are getting bigger or as it is said in politically incorrect Spain, fatter.

Ok, but what about the proportions?
Have you noticed a change in sizing and proportions? How are you coping with it? Advice requested here.

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  1. i used to make all my clothes, even bluejeans! i haven't sewn from a pattern in 20 years. i should check it out because i am retiring and i will go back to making clothes very soon. of course i guess i could just walk around with a quilt wrapped around me.
    this came out great. so simple.

  2. Is it an age thing to go back to sewing after a long pause?
    Anyway, I've started using Burda patterns for myself this weekend. But I can not answer the question: I've lost so much weight that I did not even now which size I was...
    In the past, I would have taken a Burda size 40 whereas I would have taken a size 42 in a shop. Right now I don't know.
    Yes I know, this comment is pretty much useless...
    But your dress is pretty, I'm not surprised you worn it out.

  3. I know that sizes did change several years ago because, at least my fellow Americans, are definitely larger. The fashion industry thought that we would buy more clothes if all of a sudden we weren't fatter, we were a size smaller! This could easily have happened again so our size is now 2 sizes smaller than what it was, say, 10 years ago.

  4. My thought on the matter is it still simply depends to be what you buy. One thing I have found is that a lot of sizes are running larger, but if you purchase something from a designer, you still end up buying the larger size. However there is no comfortable in between, so really, you are either going to have a skinny day or a fat day! Simply depends on your luck. Beautiful dress by the way. I love quiet elegance from the Jackie days.

  5. Who knows about sizes? I think who ever is in charge is all over the place. This dress is the bomb! I bet it's cute on..!

  6. I don't know anything about making patterns and everytime I've tried to sew my own clothes it's been a disaster. But I love this dress you made, it's so arty and cool -- makes me think I should try to learn to make my own so I don't look so off-the shelf.


interaction appreciated!


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