Tuesday, September 30, 2008

monochromatic white


i just adore the concept and i'm trying to work with it and see where it takes me. The concept comes from Alvar AAlto a worshiper of white.
Practice shows that buildings have a way and textiles have another and i think that once again i've been blinded by ambition :) :)

Things i've noticed so far:
  • It's a real pain to photograph or scan white and get a good quality image. No matter how much you P it doesn't cut it. Unless you are a pro, that is.
  • i have a tendency towards diagonals, perhaps a carryover from weaving. A weaver's challenge is to break away from the grid imposed by warp and weft.
  • i like working with puff paint but i need to be cautious with it as it can look scarily kitsch.
One of my future aims is to walk away from diagonal compositions and try new ones. And to make materials and techniques work together as a whole. Here i've used distressed tyvek, pearl paint, beads, stitching in a variety of thread grists, buttons, puff paint all on poly organza and topped with white tulle to unify and soften the work.
Brunette ambition taking over!

neki desu

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  1. i was just thinking about doing something colorless. especially after that last one. it is true how white seems to elude scanning etc. this is nice because it is so organic looking even tho it is mixed media. looks like something ancient and softened my time. a modern heirloom.

  2. This is beautiful Neki! And I love your pieces in the last post too!

  3. Interesting concept. Being such a color person myself, the idea of working monochromatically would be a real challenge! It seems to work best with mixed media, and I really like the components you combined in this piece.

  4. I don' think that you have overworked it at all, in fact I think that you have just enough detail to keep the work interesting and eyecatching, which is hard with the continuing trend of white.

  5. Wow! Monochrome is gorgeous - but the temptation to mix structure and colour is so strong for a weaver. however I find myself increasingly drawn by the calm induced by working with a single colour esp in embroidery.


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