Friday, September 26, 2008

at the bottom of the bottom drawer

shibori,surface design, dyeing

Found this te suji and midori shibori. It was one of my first shiboris, i was young and thought there was a lot of life ahead, but i was not patient.

shibori,surface design, dyeingshibori,surface design, dyeing

In the middle of the pleating and binding session i got bored and changed the pleating thus getting another pattern. The patterns are called 手筋絞り te suji kin toshi shibori( 手 te means hand and suji pleated) and みどり midori which means in this case willow leaf. I was getting started on the indigo craze, but i wasn't getting anything there, so this is good ol' Procion MX blue on white silk 90 x 90 cms.

On another note i finally got down to using my new bike. There's such a nice verb in Spanish for when you use something for the first time estrenar. Funny how English being so precise a language does not have a verb for that.

neki desu

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  1. at the bottom of a drawer? my god, i love this. all this shibori seems so disciplined to me. i wish i could slow down more and try it in depth.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Pleased you got as far s the bottom of the drawer!

  3. This is beautiful. I have been reading about shibori, looking at shibori on the web, and maybe this coming spring I will try shibori

  4. I agree, they are beautiful! Good you went to the bottom of your drawer.
    BTW, French has the same word as estrenar: étrenner. And the word is étrennes (I think it is always plural). That is the gift you make at the start of the year.

  5. wowie, I'd say this was terrific! I love the striation in it, and on silk..oo la la..

  6. I also would not categorize this as the bottom of your drawer, but cream of the crop! I adore the design and both the pleating styles, especially the second which I find breathtaking. I wish I had the patience, but I hardly hand stitch choosing a sewing machine instead, let alone the will to sit down and produce something like that!


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