Friday, October 10, 2008

peer recognition

As i see it peer recognition cuts it. Better than being juried into a show. Much better than getting a good critique by a curator.
Peers by definition are in your league, they work with the same materials, have inside knowledge of the processes, cannot be fooled with the outcome because they can discern whether it was fruit of work and thoughtful process or just baloney (think, but not exclusively, Damien Hirst here).

This introduction serves as an excuse to thank Sandra Rude for giving me the i love your blog award. So for me being given an award by a peer, in this case 2 as Shirley Treasure also passed it to me a couple of weeks ago, means something very special.
i'd like to celebrate with you all by sharing a list of blogs from all walks of blogland which i consider inspirational and worth visiting.

rang-the colours of life for the photos and mood
japan craft journal lots of sews, fiber projects and things Japanese in the background :)
indexed thoughts on everything put in a graphic way
fashion-incubator ideas, ideas and check the resources page, better than going to college.
tricia mc kellar wow artwork pushing boundaries
the textile blog textile education fix
creativity journey textile resources, grants and opportunities
masala chai online because there's art beyond our boundaries


neki desu

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  1. some great links here, just emerging from a slow brain freeze.

  2. Thanks :)

    A great surprise. I've linked you from my blog. Cheers!


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