Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ode to domesticity : sample, sample, sample


It's Tuesday, the bread machine is churning away and i've just finished untieing the loom controlled shibori sample. It will be this summer's indigo vat victim, if the vat runs well, that is.
i'm not well known for my sampling, an activity i have a dislike for. But lately i've come to bite the dust as i have no other option. Or is it that finally i've grown up?

This is a lovely 20/2 cotton with a 20 singles weft from a Japanese company (surprise, surprise)
that had a mill near Girona. The company closed down some years ago and my friend got hold of some yarn cones for me.
The supplemental weft was a bit thicker than what it should have been and created that lacy effect.
i'm not sure if i like it or not. Also in the not sure department is the white background. It is too white for the bold blue motifs and i'm thinking about dyeing it a very light blue before gathering the shibori weft.
The loom is already warped so there's no chance of dyeing the skeins. Therefore i'll test the blue background by doing some p-shopping to it. Bless the program for color sampling!
i said i had no option but sample, but this means warp the loom and weave 20-30 cms, cut and move on..Not like regular sample champs who put on a whole warp for this sole purpose.

i'm also not crazy about the baby doo-doo color of the borders. This was what i got from the murasakizome. No beautiful deep, rich purple here. After 10 i lost count of the dips and was still not getting there. Even bought bottled water as i think my tap water is very hard and heavily chlorinated too.
Hopefully the indigo will take care of the color and add some interest to it.

Now i have to weave the shawl, which is on the 12 shaft table loom. My romance with this loom continues.
i think i have definitely grown up.

neki desu

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