Friday, May 30, 2008

is this firenze?

Well, no. This is the view from the bridge in Girona, a short one hour and a half pleasant train ride from Barcelona.
Every time i go there i like it more, it's full of among others, interesting photo opportunities. i'll let you with some of the photos i took last week.

Today i needed to shift focus -pun intended- and do something else away from studio work, which has been pretty intense lately.
There's a lot of p-shopping- don't know where i read you can't use the word as adjective, sue, sue, ue, because it is proprietary. Weren't it ironically sad it would be hysterically funny given the orphan works bill.
The colors are intentionally off as a result of applying a cross processing action.

Beautiful belle epoque iron grill.

an alley in the jewish ghetto, one of the best restored in Europe.

an old fashioned menswear shop

colorful wall with a blurry effect to soften it a bit

neki desu


  1. I like the cross processing. Went to the link, and can do pretty much the same things with PaintShopPro. No time for that. Nevertheless, I have added that blog to my list........ Thanks (I think.........grin!)!

  2. Neki
    i love these photos, That indigo blue street with the gorgeous coloured wall, so inspiring!!!!


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