Wednesday, May 28, 2008

parting thoughts-TIF

parting thoughts

i did the blogs yesterday and found some very interesting thoughts on this month's topic. Almost everyone disliked being categorized and labelled. It was also a general perception that labelling or categorizing was limiting and that people are polyhedric.
However, Fiona of Love Fibre made a distinction between naming and labelling that, as i see it, clarified concepts. She put it down beautifully. And that got me thinking again.

So for me, i really do not care if i'm labelled or classified. Can't complain being in the company of Anni Albers, Peter Collingwood, Alice Schlein, Bonnie Inoyue, Mary Atwater, Arai Junichi..... :)

And insisting on the topic of being a weaver :) the photo is the scarf that came out of the woven sample that was used for May's TIF.It is my favorite scarf, a double weave in colorful cotton warp and silk weft to brighten up winter blues.

neki desu


  1. thank you :-) Your weaving is so beautiful, guess I would be happy to be labelled too if it indicated possession of such skill and artistry.

  2. As a library cataloguer from wayback Neki you would have been so difficult to classify at first glance, such a variety but then on careful examination there would be no problem - a weaver whose weaving is wonderful!

  3. Beautiful. Absolutely marvelous use of the colors.

    There is a term for someone who masters many skills. When I think of it, I'll apply it to you.


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