Monday, May 26, 2008

the good news is that i think i'm 20


The bad news is that i ain't. As a result i don't know how to gauge my energy and end up overextending myself.But why? i could do all of this and then some more a while ago without exhausting myself.

Take last week i was all over the place, literally and figuratively.
Went to Girona to visit my friend and caught the flower festival wrapping up, yet was able to see some of the displays and take some photos.
Then it was stripping some paint off the doors on the hallway. Hallway and doors will be painted this coming week, if we can decide on the color, that is.
A lot of studio work, finishing up May's TIF. testing paints and sketching some ideas for a new series (hurray,hurray), threading loom 2 and finishing some ATC's. And i'm already exhausted just by listing the activities.

Back to may's TIF. home
These are close ups of my different textile and life interests.
knitting and weaving

Or textile practices.
surface and food
Or techniques.
stitching and fractals

But notice that the central element is a double weave woven sample.
Don't know if i was successful in conveying what i wrote about in my preliminary thoughts.
Perhaps i forgot to mention that although i know that i am a weaver i'm in constant doubt about my textile work. This piece for example i'm still debating whether to stop here and leave it as is or give voice to the baroque in me and keep on adding stitching and some beads to the background.

BTW can you find the representation of all the categories i listed? After all this activity let's play and have some fun :)

neki desu


  1. You've outdone yourself again - this is wonderful. I love all the different elements on the piece and the way you have placed them. If you want to add more why not just lay bits on top, leave it for a bit and then come back and see if you still like it?
    Bemused by the rusty background - does this represent your ageing body by any chance?? *LOL*

  2. This turned out wonderful. Very cool.

  3. it is a beautiful jumble. i am exhausted from appreciating just that. terrible trouble with email and computer issues is discouraging me from blog surfing these days. if i seem distant. writing letters seem very appealing all of a sudden!hope this comment goes through.

  4. love the way everything nestles up against everything else and the colours are marvellous. I think you have conveyed what you said.


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