Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Never fails. Spring gets me doing twenty five things at once. And this year's spring is as if it were on steroids. Such is the excitement generated at stitching fingers and the weaving group.
May's TIF is progressing along. A bit hard to conceptualize my idea posted here But i finally came up with an idea and a layout.

i'm using a piece of cotton fabric that i rusted last summer as background with rectangular pieces laid on it.Each rectangle represents an item of my list and the layout will be give or take like the one presented here. Nothing earth shattering, but i think it's working.
Still have some work to do to call it finished.

neki desu


  1. This is very interesting. Are you going to quilt it as well? Looks good.

  2. looks intriguing - looking forward to seeing what comes next


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