Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June TIF

on becoming2

June TIF is a challenge. It's about potential, about becoming, about transformation, about possibilities.
We all work with materials that are transformed, sometimes coaxed into something else.
A hairy mass transforms into yarn. Yarns and threads stop being linear and become tri dimensional, white fabric gets dyed, cut and shaped. Materials alter their look by getting distressed in so many ways...

i have been thinking lately of how the stitching that i learned last year from the TAST challenge
has slowly found a place in my work, sometimes more successfully than others.
And all the techniques that i've come across with have stopped being just techniques and have also filtered down adding new vocabulary to my work, trying to be part of it, not just sitting on top.

It's an exciting process from learning to production, from borrowing to digesting to incorporating.
Although i'm not sure yet where i'm going. So don't follow me. :)

neki desu


  1. Intriguing start. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Wow!! I love it. The colors and all the neat texture. Fabulous.

  3. Really fantastic piece of work. Your explanations always seem to make things seem so much clearer.
    Love the way you have put this piece on flickr with the notes - great idea.

  4. the vocabulary image is very apt with the story theme - I love the way you've expressed the process of making a technique your own

  5. It was so nice to study your June challenge piece this morning. I love the colors and the way the stitching recedes in some places and advances in others. I also loved the "over-worked" sections where you stitched over a base of stitching. Absolutely lovely.


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