Monday, June 16, 2008

june TIF more thoughts

june tif2

Altered materials are embedded with potential stories.
i spent my time off the loom this weekend doing some machine stitching on
Solvy.It's a funner as you dissolve the backing and the threads remain, curling in place. i'm building a small (emphasis on the small) stash for projects i want to tackle and it will also serve the purpose of this month's TIF
The next fun thing i discovered was that i can use some odd yarn remains from past projects as bobbin thread.These are hand dyed silk yarns and you can guess what a fine grist they are, like sewing thread! Therefore this stash creating project comes along with destashing too.

i finally located some poly felt. And it came with an anecdote. i asked the man at the store whether the felt was poly and if it would burn. Oh no madam!, our felt is 100%wool felt said he. Looking at the dubious shine in the felt i said - it's just too bad because i'm looking for felt that can burn. He looked at me with a very serious look and said -in that case this is your felt, madam.
Isn't this a case of Harry -put- on -the -green-light -the- man- wants- a -green- suit- or what?

neki desu

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  1. The experiments with sulky are really interesting. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


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