Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the best gift

tate-yoko kasuri

Samples are the best gift for a weaver. Then comes yarns.
Samples concentrate so many stories in such a small physical space.

These tate-yoko kasuri samples were given to me by my weaving sensei.
Some of the motifs are weft or yoko kasuri while others are double or tate (warp) yoko kasuri.
The warp is black and woven in dark blue which gives it tonal depth and richness.

The fabric is cotton and woven for every day wear. i beleieve they were woven by sensei's father or a relative as she comes from a family of weavers from Hachioji , a town in the outskirts of Tokyo. It is a weaving town and one of the reasons to visit is this.

neki desu


  1. this is so beautiful, i so like the effect of black woven with indigo or blue.....just so you know the link to your blog on flickr is not working....i noticed that last time and forgot to tell you....

  2. Amazing and beautiful. And thank you for the link. Kasuri has always been there in the back of my mind as something I would like to explore, though in a different way from this.

  3. This site is wonderful! Weaving is a nother of my passions - altho' I don't do it, just admire and collect books - like on the Ikats from India and weaving from Peru.


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