Friday, March 07, 2008

if it's march it has to be TIF

This month's TIF proposal is small things in life. Difficult, but interesting topic as small things are the stuff of life. They make life. Big things don't. They alter and change life, which is a different story, for better or for worse.

As a warm up i started out listing some small pleasant things that make up my life, but had to stop as a daft Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music complex overcame me.
Luckily i remembered Lady Sei Shonagon who in her book The Pillow Book makes endless lists including both annoying and pleasant things. That is more close to life than the Julie Andrews listing. It's also incredibly beautiful and full of textile descriptions of the silk kimonos worn by Heian court ladies.
What more can i ask for? Three of my small pleasures, books, textiles and things Japanese rolled in one.
i still have to make up my mind, but as of March 7 listing is my plan for this months challenge. How to make it textile is another challenge.

As you all know i'm also interested in animation and worked out a graphic representation of the small things that make up life .This is also a warm up exercise and i don't really know where all of this will take me. Stay tuned :)
Oh and for some techie stuff visit the TIF challenge blog

neki desu

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