Tuesday, March 04, 2008

more spyrograph


This post is more about multi-tasking than anything else. i have 2 screens covered with dye paste working hard to get dry in this awful humid weather we have. Therefore i can't print.
i am warping my 12 shaft loom, slow cloth here, and doing warp chains to warp the dobby loom for a loom controlled shibori that will-holding my breath here-eventually be indigo dyed as soon as the weather gets hotter. So no actual weaving nor dyeing -yet.

Needed something fun to do in between the warping the making of the chains and the waiting.
i had this idea of trying plastic bags before the disappear, late comer here, also wanted to keep on with the spyrograph and the challenge was to try and work it all without getting excessive :)
And have some fun, nothing serious here

Here's what i did:
  • cut plastic bags in strips and assembled them grid like
  • ironed them between parchment paper
  • put a piece of poly organza over and ironed some more fusing both layers
  • topped it all with some florist lutradur like paper that had been dabbed with white opalescent paint and a bit of painted bondaweb
  • went wild stitching circlets with polyester thread
  • zapped it with the heat gun, i'm in love with this gadget!!
Et voilĂ  mesdames! Fun it was.
Now on with the warping.

neki desu


  1. i'm holding my breath for the indigo project, and i love this, i gotta get a heat gun, matches are very tricky!!!

  2. I've just bought the book "Hot Textiles" so will be heating up my hot tool after I've dipped into that.

  3. so holey - I love it!

  4. Anonymous9:32 PM

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