Tuesday, March 11, 2008

small things that make me happy

A list of small things that make me happy has to begin with trading ATCs. Just look what Ati sent me. Thanks for making me such a happy camper Ati :)

The rest would be:
  • a good indigo vat
  • morning glories in the summer
  • a well warped loom
  • a comment on my blog
  • an e-mail from my sister
  • fados( strage thing, they reek saudade!)
  • recognising a kanji
  • morning chill
  • those days working in a state of grace
  • evening port and cakes at A Casa Portugesa
  • lunch with friends
  • red skies
  • daifukus
  • an attractive fractal
i could go on, but let's keep it short.

neki desu


  1. I'm playing 'catch-up' still. Haven't been around a lot lately so of course, I wanted to make you happy :)
    Had to look up 'daifukus'- yummy, must try them.
    Really love your spirograph piece - more like that please.

  2. all i can do is the comment right now but i am working on it.....

  3. Well I had to look up Fados- Portuguese folk songs

    Kanji - japenese writing

    daifukus - a japenese sweet -very sweet by the looks of it

    And now you have several comments to make your day.

  4. I couldn't resist leaving you a comment 'cause you said they make you happy. I'm happy today because the sun is shining to beat the band, the days are getting longer and we set the clocks back last Sunday. Did you see Tanguera's spirograph piece for February's TIF? It's here. I thought it was interesting that you were both doing this. Cheers!


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