Saturday, January 05, 2008

What to do with a digi printed piece of silk organza?

The one that didn't print crisply and has been lying around for years. Getting shuffled from one place to another. From the top drawer to the bottom one because i can't bring myself to throw away a piece of silk organza.

Recycle! turn a UFO into something else, something different because one has made changes in two years.

The silk organza print was a project for a submission to a juried show whose jury never saw. scanned a lace doily and assembled it with a fractal image that i created and then printed it.i Wasn't happy with the outcome so i dropped the project.
Last summer i was testing iron on transfers for an end of the year present to my Japanese classmates and i used the piece to test the transfer on. Figured that being a discard it wasn't going to get ruined. Done and moved on, yet i could not bear to throw the jinxed fabric away.

A couple of weeks ago i found the piece again and since it was a f.up i cut it up and used it ad a base for needlefelting. i liked what was happening to it so i stepped on the gas, ignoring the speed limit and went for a joy ride :)

This was the first one.
And here comes number two
needlefelt,sittching, digital print,surface design

My doubt is whether to tag this as a UFO or a WISP.

neki desu


  1. Love it! Here's to transformation!

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Hi Neki, Thank you so much for the "You make my day" award. I've just tagged you back on my blog. Thank you for all your work, emails and posts that have inspired me, put a smile on my face or made my day.
    Elizabeth at


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