Monday, January 07, 2008

knitting 101

i was beginning to feel confident with the basic sitch- stocking is it called? and turned the page to lesson 2- using punch cards!!One can do many things in that lesson which help you hide knitting mistakes, how clever.Take the skip pattern. By using a card and pressing the two keys on the carriage i can automatically drop stitches! Just to think that i was doing that on my very own and feeling klutzy about it, well, well.

i was having a jolly old time, too good to be true, when the carriage started getting jammed. A jammed carriage is a highly stressful situation. Can't use brute force to move it because you can wreck the whole number.You have to turn the knob to the CR position and it breaks free from the knitting bed. Sort of.

The operation also means unraveling the the pass, controlling all that yarn that you suddenly have in front of you and keeping the card in coordination or the needle selection, thus the pattern, goes wonky. Ask me how i know.
Now i was getting jammed carriage in both directions, whereas at first it was just in one direction.
I was heading into desperation direction when my fairy godmother, working overtime poor soul, appeared with a checklist of suggestions.

Of all it appeared to be bent needles and what the heck, i went for it. How does one change the needles? It has to be a pretty simple operation because i refuse to believe bent needles only happen to me. Looked in the book. NADA!!trouble shooting page, NIET!! kept on turning pages NIENTE!! By the i was sweating, cold sweating i mean, thinking i'd have to send the Gizmo to the nearest repair post which happens to be in the UK.

Went for a walk and a Magners. A sense and sensibility walk.
Cold air clears heads and helps brain cells. Magners numb the senses. The sense of feeling incompetent, that is.
When i came back home i took the instruction book and went page by page. And there it was. Beginning in a corner of page 106 and continuing in 107 the instructions on how to change needles!! People are really slow, man. They start bending needles on page 106 in the how to shape garments lesson.
How accomplished and advanced i was, already bending needles in lesson 2, my, my.

Well i won't go into details of how to change needles because apparently it's common knowledge. It will only suffice to say that when the book says push them down there are various ways of doing so.

Changed needles and i am automatically dropping stitches, no effort.

neki desu

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