Thursday, January 10, 2008

Serendipitious TIF

base layer

i started working this week on the TIF with the intention of simplifying the photo a bit more, but other than that i was pretty much open. In other words i had no clear design plan. Working on the last photo erasing some sections to simplify it, i inadvertently selected a layer and pasted it as new. Liked it! liked it! Maybe because i'm currently going through a phase of simplifying and decluttering life and its environs the image spoke to me, so i decided to continue working on it.

tif week2-2 Here i just added a color background.

tif week2-1 And here i changed the background color and added some elements in light green. i like the two very short dark gree lines on the center left of the image.i think they provoke some tension in the image, although they might be unnecesary. Opinions?
i have to decide yet what textile treatment i'll give the image, but i'm almost certain that the background won't be light green. That for me would be a challenge :)

While at the computer i came up with 2 fun ideas for the challenge. Will blog about them next week.

neki desu


  1. I really liked what you had achieved in your 'here TIF 1' post - but these are just as fantastic. Especially like the last one. Clever you. Are you going to take the end design into fibres/fabric?

  2. Interesting design work - can't wait to see what you choose as the textile treatment.

  3. I love all three of them! They would make wonderful rugs. Do you do that kind of weaving at all?


interaction appreciated!


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