Saturday, January 12, 2008

this is fashion because i say so

Folks, this was a blanket.
It's a great medium weight felt sandwich one side black ant the other stone grey with parts of black peeking through. i fell madly in love with it and had visions of myself swaddled in it.
Very little of what i see in stores attracts me.I mean i still like Marc Jacobs ( do check his fall 007 collection), but there's a big problem with his clothes$$$$$.
And i'm much more into creating my style than following someone else's dictum :)

My husband, sweet soul, gave me the blanket for Christmas and coyly asked if i was going to walk around town like a Pashtun wrapped in a blanket. i thought the remark was hysterically funny, but he had a point there.
So i made up my mind to cut it up and sew something out of it. Looking through my patterns i found an old Vogue pattern, a seven eights length jacket in a rather timeless style. Got the sewing machine out and got down to it. i really wanted to make the jacket reversible taking advantage that the blanket itself was reversible. And wanted red zigzag stitching on the black, but it didn't work out because the seams were too bulky. As a result the garment went totally shapeless.

Therefore i 've settled for this look. There are no facings, only a zigzag stitch finishing the edges. i'm thinking about stitching around the black spots, or maybe stitching the whole number with straight stitch, thus creating the Japanese boro textile look that i like so much. Jude?

neki desu


  1. this is just beautiful. is it wool? if so some coarse stitching with wool yarn would be fabulous. it is hard to see the texture of the fabric in the photo, are the black spots worn throug or just integrated into the felting?

  2. It is so beautiful, and I like the story that goes with it.

  3. I love the coat! It looks like something you would feel so comfortable in and also classy. I like Jude's idea of stitching with wool yarn. What a sweetheart of a hubby to find you that blanket. Cheers

  4. Yes, a nice red wool yarn would look splendid especially knowing the type of design you have in mind.

  5. Jude
    yes it's wool and the spots are felted and integrated onto the grey.

    neki desu

  6. You can also needle felt by hand with red fleece ... abstract design with some hand embroidery?


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