Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taking it very very far


Japanese classes have taken over my life again. We are doing the subjunctive now and it is the most mind twisting way of making something simple very difficult. Today we spent the whole class stammering and forgetting particles and indicators.

And miss smartie pants here needed something quick and fun for this week's post on the TIF challenge. Went to my closet and although not my colorway, i had clothes in those colors so i could whip together an outfit. :) Is this taking it too further? All i can say to justify the exercise is that it opened my eyes to new combinations in my wardrobe. The beige is given by the shoes not the wall. That would have really been taking it way too far :)

print week3

Then feeling i really was taking the easy way out i sat down at the computer and worked with the colors creating a pattern for a printed fabric. At least in theory because i don't think it will ever materialize.
Well, now i have the weekend to translate last week's designs into fabric.

neki desu


  1. a Japanese gift to you ... my brother has a program to help learn Japanese:
    Your idea for the challange is very creative. I have an idea, but haven't followed through.

  2. that's a very attractive outfit!

  3. I like the idea of the TIF outfit.
    Have you tried the French subjonctif? Wonder if it is easier than the Japanese one.:-) At school I've mastered it, but now, I don't think so.

  4. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it.Must say participating in a challenge like this one has certainly broadened my horizons,& you've certainly taken the TIF challenge further - in all directions too - print, outfits etc.

  5. i think the clothing is a fabulous and "far-out" TIF solution. love it!!!!

  6. Enjoying your weekly TIF posts. Your ideas are fresh, creative and inspiring.

  7. Miss Smartie Pants indeed! What fun. Would be good to see if you can do it every month.
    Like the pattern - looks very complicated :)

  8. Definitely textiles - definitely the colour palette!


  9. I think that outfit is a valid design exercise!


interaction appreciated!


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