Thursday, January 03, 2008

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i decided to work on the Take it Further Challenge on a weekly basis and blog about the progress.This will give me time to think and develop the concept or colourway and still have time left for my other endeavors. At least it is my intention as of Jan 3rd.

For the first Tif i opted for the colourway because it has some greens and i've always have found it a difficult color to work with. The other part of the inspiration comes from Gunnel as she remarked on a comment to this post that the tulips looked like spring. Nice thought, the promise of spring days to come.

Double clicked on the colourway image and opened it in Photoshop. Then created layers
by selecting and copying parts of the image and assigning a color to each layer by using the flood fill tool. i also used textured background and added a very transparent color wash to it.

Next step was eliminating unwanted information, in other words flattening the colors and eliminating color areas.
And some portions of the photo were literally wiped out :) for the sake of composition and simplification.The textured background was also eliminated as this piece will be worked in a yet undecided textile form. But this will be next week's post.

i am still pondering whether the extra colors left, albeit being the same hue, but different values is some form of cheating. In other words should i just constrain the exercise to the proposed colouurway without further color additions?
What do you think? Opinions. please.

Oh and you can see the full sized photos here

neki desu


  1. I think you are amazing. This is clever stuff. Are you going to take it into fabric/fibre - that would certainly be the icing on the cake.

  2. I saw these first on flickr - I'm glad to have found your blog via your comment to Sharon. I'd wondered about on posting on flickr too, but I'm new to this kind of challenge and don't know whether I'd be able to sustain posting to both.

    I really like what you've done in Photoshop so far and can't see that there is anything wrong with keeping a range of values. It gives the image depth and once you move into fabric you'll get a range, if only from shadow.

    I too am working from the colour scheme and am planning to add some additional colour. I will have challenged myself enough by then!

  3. The Photoshop work is great! I don't think the extra tonal values is cheating. As Linda says above, it adds depth.

  4. I love your pictures! The colors are very beautiful together. Personally, I don't think there is any cheating in this challenge. I think that whatever you come up with, however you use the colors, however you interpret the challenge, is the whole point. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next week.

  5. The tulips make a great design and the textures you've developed are wonderful! In my book, it's not cheating unless you add hues, and maybe not even then. Think of it this way: If the color scheme was b/w, would that exclude grayscale? Not for me, it wouldn't!

  6. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I definitely think it wouldn't be cheating to add more values. I think the colours should be the main colours, but creating something only from them would probably end up being a dull classroom exercise rather than real design. I am working with both the topic and the colour scheme, but I'm going to interpret the latter one loosely. I will make them the main colours, but use additional colours and values where I need them to convey my message.

  7. I think it will be great! and I still think Tulips are spring! Today have I clean my house from the Chrismas, the chsristmas tree and all thing! And tomorrow I will buy tulips I think!


interaction appreciated!


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