Tuesday, January 01, 2008

it was a very good year


Ok, ok, except for the last 2 months LOL. But 10 out of 12 isn't a bad record.
i guess it will go down in history, my personal history at least, as the year i broke studio isolation with a vengeance.
Came in contact with a fantastic crowd of creative, extremely generous, like minded, fun people thanks to the wonders of the Internet!

The year was also a year of learning techniques and exploring different mediums, yet keeping textiles as the focus. That was the good news. The not so good is that i wasn't able to produce a coherent body of work during the year just lots of stand alone pieces which makes me slightly uneasy because that's not the way i work. My system is approaching a theme and working on it until i exhaust it thus ending up with a coherent body of work.
A new approach to working in sight? On verra.

It was also the year of discovering my two extra thumbs while learning to stitch. i will have to sit and practice with patience and diligence all that i've learned in the TAST challenge thanks to Sharon B.
And the leap into needlefelting, something that has seduced me away from the loom with its instant gratification charm. It has also prompted me into recycling all those weaving samples using them as backgrounds and for low water immersion dyeing.

2007 will also be marked as the year of finally being able to get an indigo vat going, let's not forget that!! And trying my hand at kakishibuzome.

2008 holds lots of promises in the way of machine knitting and design exercises as i've signed up for Sharon B's challenge Take It Further while i wait for the summer to tackle aizome and kakishibuzome.

Only hoping that no more construction workers -god-forbid- get in the way :)

Thanks to all of you who have visited along the year and left comments of support.

best of the best,

neki desu


  1. Your needle felting work is beautiful Neki. I hope you have a wonderfully creative 2008. See you in the Take it Further Challenge!

  2. I am very curious what you will do with the TIF challenge.
    You have made very nice things last year as well.

  3. Have a great 2008, Neki - I'm sure it'll be full of textile promise.


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