Sunday, December 09, 2007

it was about time i posted about food

We were in Madrid for the long weekend here just in search of some much needed r&r. HA!
The city was absolutely packed because everyone had the same idea. The cues at the Prado museum were 800mts plus and i am not exaggerating. Too bad i did not feel like standing in line for ages because the Velazquez exhibit and the new wing were worth it.
We went to the Reina Sofia Museum whose new wing we had not visited.
And the walks. We walked for endless hours, 5 at a shot. We could still enjoy the colors and the Christmas lights were inaugurated on the 5th of December drawing enormous crowds. Do check my Flikr for some photos of the trip.

Evidently after those walks we needed to replenish and Madrid is full of tascas where you can eat jam and cheese and drink fabulous wines.

But as with all things there is ham and ham. And ham means Joselito This half finished plate was at the Joselito place.They have updated the concept of tasca, a humble neighborhood eatery turning it into a sleek, modern place without altering the food element.

The ham is sublime, the wine list is impressive, desserts are memorable and we deserved this kind of gratification after being residents of Hades for weeks and weeks. By the way, the grey sleeves are mine.

neki desu

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