Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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No post without photos, i have illustrated today's post with a post card i finished last week. The top sequins are black, but do not show in the photo.The bottom ones are gold and echo the gold foil on tulle in the top part. There's also some red scrim on top of the tulle and two insets of digitally printed silk organza. BTW the waist on the right side is intentional. LOL!
This is my way of getting ready for Sharon b's challenge for next year- Take it further
a design challenge that promises to be loads of fun.

More links. i found Traditions Mexico not only beautiful photos, but also some very interesting ideas on mordants for indigo and cochineal among others.

For those interested in transfer processes i came across this page with clear instructions on using acrylic gel medium for transfers.

And on a festive note make your own snowflake. Lots of Java fun and the flakes can be used as templates for fiber related projects.

neki desu


  1. glad to see you gearing up for the challenge, it should be fun.

  2. I've seen so many familiar names on the take it further challenge list, as jude says it should be fun

  3. This latest postcard really is THE one. I just love what you are doing here.
    The Mexico slide show is fascinating. Amazing colours. And now I want to rush home and use the rest of the cochineal I have with limes added!
    Look forward to seeing your challenge results for the new year - only hope I can last a bit longer this time :)

  4. Love the color and texture in your postcard.


interaction appreciated!


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