Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a fairy tale

Some weeks ago, before Hades set in my household i was musing and voiced out loud how cool it would be to have a knitting machine.
Times have surely changed and now fairy godmothers do not pop up in front of your eyes, too busy for that-LOL, or spurt from bottles or champagne glassess. The it thing now as you may all be aware of is the Internet.
So fairy godmother e-mailed me and said hush, hush child, I have a knitting machine for you. And in instant gratification time span i had a smartly uniformed man knocking on my
door with a professionally packed manila paper wrapped parcel that contained TAA DAAAA!!! a knitting machine!

Yesterday as peace was settling in my building i set the machine up and found a cone of terrible yarn to start practicing with.
i found an incredible number of tutes on you tube -yes, it's all out there-
especially one on casting on, something that i'm puzzled over. It's not the same machine, but i guess the principle stands and it's reasuring to know that all being out there you can play it over and over again. Therefore if i have to invoke my fairy godmother i won't sound like a total moron.
As i know not a thing about the knitting world i'm really excited about what i am going to learn and the possibilities that have opened in front of my eyes. How i'll be able to incorporate them to my textiles is another part of the journey.

Sounds like a fairy tale oi? Yet it actually happened to me.
Fairy godmother YOU ROCK!

neki desu


  1. Congratulations and Happy knitting!

  2. Anonymous11:43 PM

    A very neat tale! I'll be looking forward to seeing come off that very interesting contraption. Have fun.


  3. Ooh what a wonderful fairy godmother :)
    Tips: Put your cone of yarn on the floor behind your machine - tension works better.
    An 'e wrap' cast on is the easiest to get to grips with for a start.

    Both personal opinions only.

    We should start a campaign to get all those machines out from under the bed - they don't deserve to be there :)

  4. enjoy!
    stories are based on real life. that is the best part.

  5. love the story - have fun knitting!


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