Monday, December 03, 2007

experiments -answering back with an attitude


As everything is getting back to normality, albeit slowly, my studio time is also coming back.
i needed to walk on the wild side and let myself go as all this domestic BS was driving me nuts.

Water soluble stabilizer, machine stitching and assorted backings were pulled out from the depths and i started feting, stitching, painting and layering.
Except for the water soluble stabilizer i really don't know what i was using as products change their names as soon as they hit Spanish soil.Wonder why, but you should only see the movie titles!
The top one might be vilene with an iron on glue so to speak.
One of the backings looked and acted as nappy liner, i think(what do i know?) :)
It didn't react to the heat gun but absorbed water like crazy and held paints well. Here is what i did with it

i also used poly organza as a backing for needlefelting. i left the edges raw and wild and didn't care if it became distorted.
i added some dimensional paint and zapped it with the heat gun, my favorite toy so far.The heat also distressed the tulle netting a bit which was fine as this was an experiment. And topping it there was this wonderful tangle of machine embroidery that had been sewn to the water soluble backing and eliminated.

It surely feels great to be back in the land of the living.

neki desu


  1. Wow! I love the raw edges! Welcome back from builders land! :-)

  2. Hi
    I am still enjoying visiting your and other blog friends pages though I haven't had much to go on my own blog recently ... you are very inspirational :D

  3. Interesting texture!


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