Monday, October 22, 2007

twisted satin stitch- TAST 42

Tast 42. This was a deceivingly easy stitch. At first it was more complicated than what it seemed and i wasn't getting it right. Then all of a sudden it all made sense and i started having fun with it. i like the texture it creates and think it would work well for filling large areas. Where satin stitch sags this one soars! :)
It also looks good used for couching ribbons and you can create pretty cool checkerboards.
Check out Elisabeth's variations for a real joy ride.

i used DMC # 10 perle cotton and spun silk and had to use cotton thread for the seed beads and added some sequins too. This could be a border by itself.
Also changed foundation fabric from linen to Aida. i don't know whether it's Aida in general or this particular one but it's not very firm and gets distorted by tension. i'll have to get used to it.

neki desu

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  1. Great work with this sampler, Neki. I especially like what you did in couching the braid and with the sequins. That and some of the work above the beads is making me wish I'd tried some fills, too.

    Thanks for the link.


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