Saturday, October 20, 2007

what i have been doing

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Sneezing, lots of coughing and nose blowing. Apart from that and feeling sorry for myself not much else. i missed Japanese class on Wed. and the first lunch of the semester, that's how awful i've felt. And bored. Occasionally i'd drag out of bed to do some surfing and get a feel of the outside world. That's how i found this very appropriate cartoon by a Duwayne guy God knows where and i hope not to get into problems. Hey! powers that be, computer police, i'm not claiming the cartoon as mine. This would be the only thing missing right now..

Moving on. Thanks to Annica and Karren of Entwinements for linking back.
Then i've been tagged by Marion Barnett
and i'll do it but i won't tag anyone. So i'll just be half a party pooper.

Here we are, 7 facts about me:
  1. i have a strong dislike for cutseyness
  2. i spend 3 months in Japan traveling on my own
  3. i speak 5 languages, some Portuguese and some Japanese
  4. i make bread every week
  5. i have bad luck with rose bushes, they all die on me. Good luck with orchids, though.
  6. i've been happily married to the same man for 25 years, pretty immoral oi? :) :)
  7. i 'm interested in politics
Back to the beginning. Been voiceless for 3 days and already on the verge of going ballistic, so bear with me all this rambling. Can you imagine life as a voiceless consonant? Better drag myself back to bed.

neki desu


  1. *L* I love the cartoon. Sorry you're not feeling well tho.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. feel better, love all those things about you....


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