Tuesday, October 23, 2007

feeling better -thank you

It's frightening. i miss just one Japanese class and i'm absolutely lost,i have to study triple hard to catch up.

In catching up mode i also wanted to get on with this work that was languishing around. It is part of the More Pictures of the Floating World series in where i'm trying to synthesize all those techniques new and old that were floating around in my studio. Plus my new found love for sequins and beads.
Not to mention using a new to me material such as polyester organza and testing its endurance. It will be submitted to abuse later on this week, as i have yet to catch up with a lot of loose ends.
The title is a cross reference to many things, the book by Katzuo Ishiguro An Artist of the Floating World, Ukiyo-e, and by transference my love for things Japanese..

i like what happens with the hand stitching showing through the fabric and adding visual interest,a curator might say. i much prefer the self coined term of restrained neglect.
Still pondering whether i should clip back the two dangling red threads or leave them as they are.

neki desu


  1. Verrrrry nice :)
    Leave the threads as they are, they echo the line of blue.
    Whats with the photobucket stuff when you click on your photo to enlarge?

  2. I'm with Lynda. I think you should keep the threads. Great piece!

  3. So beautiful, such a great felling of joy!


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