Thursday, October 25, 2007

kanoko shibori -untie magic

If you've had thoughts of how horrid it would be to untie all those small tied dots the promised tutorial is here. The system works like a charm.
  • hold the fabric with both hands
  • put your index finger under a tied bundle give it an upward push
  • tug the fabric with both hands and the tie will pop undone. Voila!
  • move to the next tie keeping hold of the fabric and repeat the operation
It really pays off to do the tying with a continuous thread.
BTW the fabric was dyed with my one and only successful indigo vat.
It isn't dark dark blue, but it's a pretty good blue. Getting there!

neki desu


  1. thank you thank you, the worst part of shibori is getting the thread out. this is vrry helpful... nothing like pictures. indigo must be very difficult. but alway worth it. so beautiful...

  2. Thanks for the tip!
    And this blue is soooo beautiful.


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