Saturday, October 27, 2007


Things i love about fall:
  1. the colors
  2. the cool crisp air
  3. harvest moons
  4. the change of menu from light summer food to heartier one
  5. the grape harvest and accompanying festivities
  6. the Beaujolais nouveau
  7. that mellow light that brings out the reds and tones down the greens
  8. those clear blue skies
  9. bike riding without sweating
  10. the nearness of Christmas
What do you love about fall?

Go here and enjoy.

neki desu


  1. 1. the colors
    2. the cool crisp air
    3. harvest moons
    4. those clear blue skies
    5. the wisps of mist that linger just after sun rise
    6. fireworks
    7. the smell of bonfires
    8. kicking up leaves and listening to them crackle underfoot
    9. conkers (but I am so happy that the huge horse chestnut that shaded our garden is no longer there
    10. the way stars sparkle even more brightly in the sky

  2. the smell of fallen leaves, red moons, yellow squash, the seaview from my house as the leaves fall away. sweaters, wearing socks to bed, and of course the COLOR!


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