Thursday, October 11, 2007

more pictures of the floating world

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Working on punching fabric bits into polyester organza. Yes, me the purist using polyester!Interesting to work on horribly difficult to photograph. Too bad the iridescent paints did not come through. Bad day for taking photos with natural light.
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i find the details a lot more interesting than the sum of all parts.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket And here they are.

neki desu


  1. i have a bag of synthetic scraps, and i have never done much with them, it's funny, but i realize i have rejected them for some reason. now i feel guilty.

  2. I love what the detail shots reveal. The work in that third photograph has really captured my attention.

  3. Repeat after me.
    Polyester is A Wonderful Thing
    Polyester is A Wonderful Thing...

    Yes, I know, I'm just obsessed with lutradur and evolon... but I never thought I'd use poly either...

  4. you're creating such beautiful textures and contrasts here

  5. Looking at the large image I would disagree, but I know what you mean, sometimes the close ups do look far more interesting than the piece as a whole.


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