Tuesday, October 09, 2007

bitting the dust and chewing it

#3 for trade

It has always sadden me when i read of weavers who passed away and their estates, looms, stashes, samples, in a good scenario, end up at a garage sale with unappreciative people.
Its not that i'm going to die, well, eventually everyone does, but i've had this concern about my woven samples. And while i came up with something to do with them they were ever so often dutifully shifted around from place to place within my studio. Until very recently.

i started using some of the fabric samples as backgrounds for the TAST
embroidery samples. Yes, more samples! Though sometimes the fabric was not suitable for embroidering on and it had to go back to the sample box.

This Sunday the lights finally went on. Why not use them for ATCs?
So i brought out a hand needle felting device i had bought, my brand new heat gun and all the thrums that i could find. i had sworn that i wasn't going to jump into the needle felting bandwagon unless it added something to my work. Same resistance that i had towards weaving with chenille when it became le dernier cri and everyone was doing it.

Nonetheless i had a flawless alibi in that i was recycling everything and not buying more stuff. i even recycled some of the chunky yarns i had from my tapestry weaving days, i'm talking second day of creation here.
#4 for trade As a result these are the first ATCs of the season and they are up for trading. A compendium of materials and techniques in an effort to slim down. The lutradur is courtesy of Annica of Fab Threads and the final push is due to Purple Missus

#4 for trade

The stone gray background fabric is a woven sample of a networked twill woven in silk in all its defective glory, the gingham is commercial fabric and so is the ric-rac.

neki desu


  1. I'd love to trade. Would you mind if I used the same technique and used one of my TAST samples? I wonder how different ours would be.

  2. Will it be an embellishing machine next then - ooh hush my mouth *LOL*
    You've made me wonder why I am giving stuff away - maybe I have a premonition. I have 3 daughters, none of whom are interested in textiles. I often wonder what will happen to all my fabrics, books & equipment when I'm gone.
    I love that second one down. Can I trade you for that?


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