Saturday, October 13, 2007

postal blues


Annica from Fab Threads and i exchanged ATCs some weeks ago. Her card arrived like an e-mail,almost instantly. Not mine. Mine got tangled up in postal digressions. It got so tangled up that i started calling the postman all kinds of names and Annica, being more civilised than i was keeping her fingers crossed. After 2 weeks of no show we both agreed to make rag dolls with postman's hats and stab them with pins.
i decided to send her a second ATC and while it was on the way the first one finally arrived. So i got these beauties in return.annica's card
The fabric postcard came with a bonus pretty paper card with a yarn tail.
After all the name calling i have to be grateful to the postman.
A word of warning to people i'm trading with: it's not me,it's the postman.

neki desu


  1. I'm so happy everything worked out.

  2. I too received a card and tag from Annica.
    Aren't they beautiful?


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