Monday, August 27, 2007

TAST32-34 crested chain stitch, Portugese stem stitch and scroll stitch

tast 32-34

Catching up with TAST. By the way SharonB has moved to here ,guess it was the spam that prompted the move, oi?

Being such a Lusophile silly me thought that i was going to have a ball with the Portuguese stitch, but no the real winner was scroll stitch. i could have done it forever.
i'll get to the Portuguese stem stitch bear with me.

During the holidays we visited the Collin Barracks in Dublin where an impressive decorative arts museum is housed . Oh yes, that's where we were for the holidays, Dublin.

At the Barracks there was an awesome exhibit called The Way We Wear showing great dresses from the 17 hundreds on. Some of the dresses took the term embellish to a new dimension, so richly decorated with embroidery beads and metallic threads they were.
The fabrics alone were worth a whole chapter and the sewing details were intriguing and exquisitely carried out by hand.It was like the cliché phrase- oh that flower's so perfect it looks like plastic! You could clearly see how the industrial revolution changed fashion and workmanship and things have never been the same ever since, well with the exception of Balenciaga and a couple of other divine fools.

Shape and volume were created not only by crinolines and wiring but also by adding different sets of folds, pleats and tucks to the fabric without cutting it.

It wsa a pity not to find tha catalog in the bookshop. But i found a nice little book called Beginer's guide to Mountmellick embroidery. And coincidentally one of the stitches is Portuguese knotted stem stitch. Check out Search Press for this and other needle craft books.

neki desu

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