Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Me too. Did some pretty serious retail therapy while, as the British say, abroad.
We are absolutely sequin waste deprived over here and when i saw some at a fantastic notions shop in front of Hags with Bags sculpture i went wild. Sequin waste, at last!
While there i also picked some iridescent sequins and millinery needles just in case.

A block or maybe less, up or down depending where you are walking from, there is an absolutely brilliant bead shop called The Yellow Brick Road . Their web page is nothing compared to what they offer in situ.
i'm not really a bead person but look at the ones at the bottom of the photo. Impossible to resist.

Then i found at one of the malls a heat gun!We're also heat gun deprived here.
Can read your minds- we have excellent produce, food, wines, cheese, climate...we even have computers( grin)
Went for the heat gun with the corresponding plug converter so that i could use it here.

The National Gallery not only houses a superb art collection, but also a great bookshop. Could not resist those two. But that's ok. Books are not shopping, but culture. They don't count.
What really counts is the vainity side in me that had to be gratified. Gowns and shoesies on which i am not going to elaborate. It will suffice to mention that a very stylish jacket-top was made of boiled wool. Plum boiled wool.

So, from now until Christmas i'm all set. End of shopping. FINITO.

neki desu

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  1. Sequin waste, can't find that over here either. I do however have a heatgun, that I've never used... I hope you'll put yours into good use.


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