Friday, August 24, 2007

more ufos

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Another one finished. This is one of paste resist backgrounds and by my standards a big one about 22x25 cms. The ribbon used for framing i could not resist buying. i was willing to make something around it just to buy it, but luckily it fit this project.
Also experimenting here with pigments and soy milk. The fluo pink is part of the batch i bought when in Japan and had been tucked out of sight until recently found.

This is a detail of the stitching and fabric circles. And yes. i'm going through a circle phase.
Coincidentally i'm also weaving circles. Working frantically because i want to finish all i have pending before Japanese class starts.

neki desu


  1. circles are good! I've found them turning up in my paintings a lot recently, and finally even worked out what they represent for me, which is even better...and *love* that pink!

  2. I think this looks great. I love the colors and the binding is perfect. Wonderful job!

  3. this is beautiful. have no idea how you did it but it looks wonderful!

  4. I love to see your phases!


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