Thursday, July 26, 2007

slowly cooking with saudade

Confession time.
i had concocted my own homemade myths for example among others, crossing ponte Luiz
over to Gaia and frangipanis. This became a recurrent, very Freudian dream in which i was able to grow Frangipanis in my terrace. This was also a criteria i used for establishing whether i could move to a place or not. Lisbon, fine there are frangipanis there, Canary islands no problem. Actually 2 years ago when i was there i went all the way to the boonies to a garden center and bought 2 plants.
The lady at the garden center was very nice. but warned me that this was no go in Barcelona and i smiled and replied to leave that up to me.
Slightly arrogant girl my husband said.

So i schlepped the plants back on the plane looking like a bad case of look who's coming to the city from the farm. And i became dedicated and devoted to the plants
in the meantime producing some artwork using tropical flowers as motif/motive.
They survived their first winter inside the house with plant lights. And this year the bigger one graced me with flowers.

Curious as it is more coincidences, the book that revolutionized my weaving has an exercise using a photo of frangipani.I figured it had to be an extra special book(and it is).
So, no more recurent dreams,it is real. Will have to find more leitmotivs now.
While writing this i'm also cooking for some friends and listening to Mariza and fados, ci mancarebbe altro!

neki desu

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