Saturday, July 28, 2007

TAST 30- buttonhole wheel stitch

This week's TAST stitch was a riot! i would like to use it along with eyelet and buttons to create a heavily baroque surface. Go easy on the fabric and let the stitches do their thing.
i used sewing thread, hand dyed perle cotton, some silk noil, spun silk and wool. The wool was especially good to work with because it has "tooth" and it stays put. The silk noil didn't behave at all and was discarded for the exercise.

Can't believe it, week 30 and i have only missed, actually given up, on just 1 stitch.
Will be on my "to do in the future" list.

neki desu


  1. I love the way you do your samples Neki, always so free and easy. Good on you for only missing one week - I wish I could say the same :)

  2. Bernadette Houghton2:50 AM

    I love the free form and I love the color. I really enjoy your work.


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