Tuesday, July 24, 2007

rice flour resist update

Did some testing yesterday with rice flour resist. Although difficult to control it gives a nice crackle. Difficult in that:
  • harder to see when dry because thin coats dry translucent
  • less resistant to water/wetness
  • needs a heavier coat or maybe 2 thin ones .
Despite that it's a nice addition to anyone's bag of tricks. The sample above is Pebeo setasilk silk paint on a recycled silk habotai shibori that went off the track.

On to other matters. As far as i'm concerned i need some sort of warm-up when i go to the studio, and blogging and checking the mail simply does not do it for me. Actually they are more of a distraction than anything else. You know, there goes the morning and i'm still at the computer doing one thing or another.

i was delighted this morning when i discovered Practically Creative net
i found a wonderful tutorial that can act as a 10 minute warm up exercise to ease you into studio work.
There's another one that i found useful as an unblocking tool
Both tutorials are useful and fun. What more can one ask for.

neki desu


  1. Hi Neki Desu. Thank you for your comments and links to The PCQ. It's always so great to hear about it when someone finds our articles helpful and fun! I know just what you mean about checking all the usual computer haunts. They make us feel as if we're doing something useful and then---poof!---the morning's gone before we know it and with not much to show for it! All the best to you. Thanks again.

  2. Always good to read other peoples experiments, thanks for that. And thanks also for the links, some good tutorials on there.

  3. This is yummy, Neki.


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