Monday, July 23, 2007

TAST 29-arrowhead stitch

Arrowhead stitch is fun and one can play endlessly with it.A future challenge would be to create curves and curvy wiggles with it. Elisabeth of Quieter Moments has some wonderful curvy explorations.

i used DMC embroidery cotton, Stef Francis silk noil and Zwicky silk thread that i bought years ago in Lausanne. Strange enough i have not found any web site for them. Also included is a bit of Mokuba narrow grosgrain ribbon and some loosely spun silk .

i'm witing this using Explorer (UGGHH) and not my usual server as half of Barcelona is immersed in chaos due to a mega power failure. We are lucky to have had ours restored a while ago.
And so she dashed to the computer for her fix.

neki desu

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