Wednesday, June 13, 2007

resurfacing without design

The Nihongo test (btw Nihongo is Japanese) went as bad as it could get. And here's an example of classmate despair. i could sneak my digicam out for a shot.
The only difference between studying like crazy and not studying at all is that when you see the paper you recognize things as having been seen before.Then you have to answer the test and here is when you cry for your mommy.
Results will be on Monday, but i won't be holding my breath.
We even have homework for the summer.
And as as always we finished the test and raced for the bar next door for a bottle of wine.

neki desu


  1. Sounds like you really deserve a glas of wine (or two). I like the photo. Are ponytails compulsory for students of Japanense? :-)

  2. It sounds great... I want to sign up for next year!


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