Saturday, June 09, 2007

my brain feels like mashed potatoes without the gravy

i've been studying so hard for my Nihongo test that i'll go nuts if i don't take a break and do something else. So here i am in front of the computer,in a sort of occupational therapy mode.
The images are from the new series im working on -Shibori Twins where i've been experimenting with a few techniques and doing some fabric recycling. i went wild printing and stamping on a perfectly nice silk habotai shiboried scarf that did not meet the grade, but still good for cut and paste.The designs take advantage of the shibori motifs.

Here is what happened to the gum arabic tutorial fabric. i added digitally printed organza with fractal motifs and freeform embroidery.My first try at free form and if i overcome the fear of wrecking my sewing machine it will turn into a fun thing.

This is a detail of the fun part

neki desu


  1. Great transformations! Thanks for posting the details

  2. I love it! Very inspiring!


interaction appreciated!


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